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Care Instructions - Waxed Canvas

Care Instructions Waxed canvas

  • Do not wash your waxed canvas product in a washing machine.
  • Do not use warm or hot water to clean any waxed canvas product.
  • Never have your waxed canvas product dry cleaned.
  • Never ever put your waxed canvas product in a clothes dryer.
  • Do not use detergents or bleach.
  • Extreme heat will break down the wax coating.


If your waxed product gets soiled, wait for it to dry and gentle brush off any dirt.  If it needs a little help, use a lightly damp (cold water) cloth to gently rub the spot/stain.  Do not us detergents or bleach as this will ruin the wax coating.  As for oily substances, they will simply become a part of the material.  Don't try to clean them. There is no good way to clean oiliness without damaging the wax, and thus ruining the water resistance.  The beauty of waxed canvas is that age, stains and wear builds character to your product.


You may notice your waxed canvas softening on a hot day or if left in the sun, this is not a concern, and the material will return to normal when it’s back at room temperature.  It’s best not to leave your waxed canvas product in your hot car all summer long.


You may also notice that your waxed canvas product will be a little stiff if not used regularly, again this is not a concern, it will soften after re-use.


Do not leave papers or documents in your waxed canvas tote/bags as it is made from real wax and oils that may leave an oily residue on paper.