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Serenity & Slumber Coconut Dream Milk Bath

Serenity & Slumber Coconut Dream Milk Bath

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Super luxurious bath milk!  Organic coconut milk is the foundation of this premium bath experience and will nourish your skin and leave it soft and silky smooth.  

We add bath salts with pure essential oils, a dash of pink Himalayan rock salt, and then pack in as many organic botanicals as we can.

Beautifully packed in a 300g cylinder which is enough for multiple baths,  slip into your bath and let the Lavender and Lemon Balm take you away to a place of serenity.  

- 300g

- Vegan

- Pure essential oils

- Handmade in Tenterfield 




(photo: Anita Austvika - Unsplash)